Ministries of Agape Christian Mission

Agape Christian Mission is a Christian non-profit in southern India consisting of multiple ministries and outreach efforts. We seek all means available to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. All of our ministries have an evangelistic nature to them, and they are all related to one another in some ways.

Champion Home

Bible College


In the Agape Home for Children we seek to train up the children in the word of God. As these children mature into Christian adults, servants, and leaders they will positively impact this area of India for Jesus Christ. Several of our older children have already responded to God's call to ministry in their lives, and some will eventually attend our Agape Bible College to become trained in Christian ministry and outreach.

The purpose of Agape Bible College is to train up Christian leaders for the sake of evangelism and church planting in remote tribal villages where no Christian presence exists.

We seek to share the Gospel message through whatever means necessary. Some of the ways in which we share the good news of Jesus Christ with others is door-to-door evangelism, the puppet ministry, the Gospel film show, and feeding and training programs for the poor and needy.

Church Planting

Rural Development

Lepers Ministry

Agape Christian Mission has the goal of planting churches in rural and tribal areas where there is no established Christian presence. Pastors and evangelists must be found who have a heart to live in these areas and disciple new believers. Lack of funding for supporting these missionaries and evangelists is a primary obstacle.

We desire to assist rural areas in becoming more financially divergent. Most of these rural areas are dependent upon agriculture for their daily subsistence. During periods of drought, which is a regular occurrence in this area of southern India, families and communities can struggle with daily survival.

We seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with lepers by sharing the Gospel with them, but also by meeting their physical needs through feeding programs and the distribution of clothes, blankets, and other hygienic items as funds permit.

Living Water Wells

Womens Ministry

Gospel Film

We build fresh water wells in the rural and hill regions to meet a pressing need for clean water. Southern India is a largely agricultural society and is dependent on fresh water sources. Planting fresh water wells in strategic locations helps build bridges for our outreach efforts.

We seek to empower women in our areas of influence by offering occasional skills training and fellowship gatherings.

We make regular trips into the hill and tribal areas to show Gospel videos. Some of these areas can be remote and accessed only by foot. Whole villages may turn out to watch video presentations of gospel-related movies.